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Scientist of the Invisible

Too much ammunition lately, not enough self-control.

The Agreed Furthest Point

"There'll be no luxury of any kind," Sargent continued. "No hot-water bottles. No thickly buttered toast. No orange marmalade or lemon curd. And no more bedtime cocoa."
"No cocoa? Whyever not?"
"Because we'll be getting a patent malt drink instead."
"Good grief."
"My thoughts exactly. I've heard it's made with powdered milk."
"How do they produce that then?"
"I've no idea, but apperently Johns swears by it. Brought a whole crateful with us."
"Must be one of his 'innovations'."
"Yes, I suppose so."

Explorers of the New Century van Magnus Mills: leest dat boek! Kafka meets Fry & Laurie in een absurde variatie op de poolexpedities van Admundsen en Scott. De expedities van Johns en Tostig proberen als eerste op het AFP (Agreed Furthest Point) te komen, daarbij grote zorg bestedend aan hun muildieren. Beide expedities gaan daarbij aan interne conflicten ten onder, de muildieren beginnen zich naarmate het AFP nadert steeds vreemder te gedragen en klopt de Theorie van Transportatie van professor Childish die beide expedities aanhangen eigenlijk wel?
Beter nog dan Mills' veelgeprezen The Restraint of the Beasts. En geloof het of niet: ook politiek heel actueel.

"Theghn, I'm looking for a volunteer," said Tostig. "I need someone to take a line and try and find a way across this maelstrom. It won't be easy; the task requires both daring and judgement; one slip could mean certain death. I thought I'd give you right of first refusal."
"Thank you, sir."
"Obviously, Snaebjorn would do it at the drop of a hat, but the truth is he's far too valuable to the expedition. We simply couldn't afford to risk losing him, so if I could send you instead it would be a great help."
"Well, yes, I'd definitely like to have a go at it, if you think I'm capable."
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